The Best of British Music: From Bands to Festivals

The UK undoubtedly offers some of the best music in the world. From festivals to recording artists, and everything in between, the UK has it all. From rock to jazz, music fans of all kinds will not be disappointed with the UK's ever-changing, growing and dynamic, music scene and culture. Some of the biggest festivals draw crowds of hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. Learn more about these festivals, and the artists that make them great, as well as the rich music culture in the UK.

Iron Maiden

28 Jul 2021

Britain has been very influential when it comes to the development of the heavy metal music genre. But, of course, one of the most iconic bands of this type is Iron Maiden. The early incarnation of the band was formed in 1975. Over the years, this group has attained worldwide fame.

Three years without Bowie

12 Dec 2019

Today on the 10th of January, three years ago, a legend took his last breath. David Bowie was an extraordinary man, artist and icon. Unfortunately, falling victim to aggressive liver cancer, he left us too early, but during his career he managed to give us unforgettable masterpieces like:

  • Under pressure
  • Life on Mars
  • Heroes
  • and many, many more...

Bowie was also a fighter for equality. We are forever grateful to this talented and warmhearted Brixton-boy!

Everyday music

21 Apr 2019

If you enjoy British music, you may also like hanging out at local pubs that play music by the best singers and bands. On certain days of the week, pubs may also host jazz nights, karaoke or welcome local bands to play live, thus providing free entertainment for their customers. Soak in the atmosphere while drinking your favourite beer or spinning on an old-style fruit machine!

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Remember that you can always choose to turn the game’s soundtrack on or off as you play games online – you may even decide to listen to your favourite singer or band instead!

The Beatles

19 Feb 2019

I don't know if there has ever been a band that left such a great impression on all the people of the world as The Beatles. This iconic pop band conquers the hearts and souls of new people every day, even now, decades after splitting up. We all have our favourite Beatles' songs and everyone knows the lyrics to songs like "Imagine", "Let it be", "Yellow Submarine" and "Hey Jude". This documentary is definitely worth a watch!